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By a Students


Effective planning sounds better Planning/management/organisation/skills ,choose from all or some of these words.If you can work well under pressure,Remember to say you are motivated, enthusiastic, reliable, honest, and a teamworker as well. By the way,

Students are very friendly in nature and hard worker so make sure all that you say about your self is true Good luck.



Students are interested in sport and smart activities are performing well, so our team is co-operative with students and reguler communication also going in same manner. So in manner to provide a quality work and systematic approach we are performing well.By the way, make sure all that you say about your self is true Good luck.



Namaskar is the Indian way of greeting each other. Wherever they are on the street, in the house, in public transport, on vacation or on the phone when Hindus meet people they know or strangers with whom they want to initiate a conversation, namaste is the customary courtesy greeting to begin with and often to end with. It is not a superficial gesture or a mere word, and is for all people young and old, friends and strangers.Having said this, even this greeting can emit negative vibrations particularly in the case of a possessed person greeting another person with namaskar. The possessing entity can spew negative vibrations from the persons’ finger tips at the person being greeted and into the environment. However, compared with a greeting that involves physical contact, the impact of the negative entity is substantially limited. The spiritual emotion with which the greeting is done further minimizes and potentially eliminates the negative vibrations altogether